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Comer Moon Mullins

Comer Moon Mullins

Once the world’s greatest finger and thumb picking guitar player, Moon is still actively entertaining and teaching.  This is the start of the story of this remarkable man with a few pictures of him now.  He took Merle Travis’ style and added two fingers to create what is now mastered by few but loved by many.  Dean Phelps is the reining “champ” now, I believe.  Much more to come……hopefully I will MASTER this BLOG as Moon did the guitar!  KEITH  For those of you who don’t know, I am the OLD Lady of the group on the right sitting next to Moon………..the Old Man of our group!  Moon has on his American Mountain Man coonskin cap, (he and I had been in our buckskins earlier for a wood’s walk and some pictures.  More to come on this unusual man with the great stories!Image


This is Moon’s “Harem”.  We were lucky enough to have him accompany us on a horse riding mini vacation, Moon is an excellent rider.  As he cannot pass a guitar without picking it up and there were 5 in the wonderful “Cabin” we rented, we not only had picking and singing sessions, but no matter what we were doing, we usually had world class guitar picking to listen to also.  His “job” was to keep the fireplace roaring and play songs!  Later, I will be posting a few of the videos we made there where he “found” his voice that he had lost in the hospital when we almost lost him!

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