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Three Bad Men: John Ford, John Wayne, Ward Bond FIRST QUARTERLY REPORT


Well, our long awaited day of the first report of sales of Three Bad Men has finally arrived.  Scott got the news from his publisher.  Out of the now 18 books Scott has written for McFarland Publishers, this first quarter, Three Bad Men has sold over twice the amount than any other one has.  He is very pleased, and now realizes the importance of promotion!  Scott mainly cares about the research and writing of his books.  After that is done, so is he.  But, it is nice to see the money keep rolling in and that it should for his other books also.  Here is a list of his books from McFarland.  I have two of them and they are excellent, in my opinion.Image

The Black Diamond, (about Theron Denson, a Neil Diamond Tribute Singer), was started the same day of the completion of Three Bad Men, and It is now published and out to the public. This is a link to the Facebook page about the book.
Here is an intro from Fox 8 News and then an excerpt from Theron singing “I Am I Said” on Youtube.  Many more are on there, so check him out.
Here is a picture of Scott and Theron, not long after Scott’s 50th birthday and right after he finished TBM.  Theron went to his house and stayed there for 3 days telling his life story,  and having pictures made.  This shows the two together with some of Scott’s other books.  Picture of Scott and Black Diamond

As for Scott, his progressive illness is still taking its toll……hopefully it will stop very soon as the site of it is in his lower spine.  He is now in a wheelchair, but that hasn’t slowed him down.  He and his family moved out to Iowa, about an hour’s drive from Winterset, Duke Wayne’s birthplace.  They are just about settled in now.  And Scott… writing for him.  He SAYS he is retired…….we will see.  Now, he is involved in music, (four of his books divulged deeply into the music of Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, and The Jethro Tull Band…….he KNOWS his music.  We will see if he sends us anything of what he is doing.  He is a genius author…….wonder if that extends to composing, etc.

The Black Diamond has a big concert coming up in Nashville…….only a few hours from me.  Just think I might pop on over three with some friends.  I LOVE Neil Diamond and will never see him in public.  I think Theron will do nicely.  CYA, KEITH

Those Wagon Train fans, “keep your eyes open” as Major Adams would say to Flint McCullough………I have a piece coming out on one of the best episodes of the first four seasons.  LOTS of great screen views and some of the best acting of Ward Bond, Terry Wilson, and Frank McGrath!



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Three Bad Men: John Ford, John Wayne, Ward Bond Review by Jeff Arnold

New review out for Three Bad Men by Scott Nollen.


Check out Jeff’s blog and sign up for it.

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