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These are just as stated, sketches. I have drawn all my life but only began portraits around Mid September of 2012. I sell the original drawing and only 50 prints are made which are signed and numbered. The descriptions and pricing are under each drawing. Unless stated, the prints are all $10 each.


Hondo coal                                Festus prettied up askance   El D. I Won't last       IWO Stryker and PFC THOMAS  El Dorado Horseback curve      FT. Apache 3  TALL ROCKLIN CROP        TG Rooster puts reins in mouth    Serg. Major BEN                               Wood burn Lion LEO Mark's composite 2  JB middle of rollover in pain  The Sh  Gillum grabs JB's gun crop  JB's last smile to Gillum  The Shootist Patriot to the end

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