Three Bad Men: John Ford, John Wayne, Ward Bond – Scott Allen Nollen

10 May

As I gathered the reviewers for Three Bad Men, I thought first of Colin from Riding the High Country. I have always found his film and actor reviews to be exceptional. However, he had never written a book review. I asked him anyway. Not only did he come out with the first one, but anyone will be hard pressed to provide as complete, fair, and accurate accounting of this
book as Colin has. If you don’t have him in your “favorites”, just read this…..he will be shortly! HAWKS WILL (KEITH)

Riding the High Country

Biographies and critiques of the work of John Ford and John Wayne abound to be perfectly frank. As such, any new volume on these men needs to offer some different spin on familiar material, another perspective if you like. Scott Nollen’s new book – Three Bad Men:John Ford, John Wayne, Ward Bond – does so by examining the lives and careers of not only Ford and Wayne but Bond too. It’s quite common to see works which examine the complex relationship that Ford and Wayne had but Bond tends to be given lower billing. While Nollen makes it clear that Ford was without doubt the prime mover, he also focuses on the significant role Bond played in the old director’s life and that of Wayne. In short, the book establishes just how inextricably these three men were linked on both a personal and professional level.

There is some background sketching…

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    May 10, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    Thank you Keith.

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